Episode 38: Welcome Our New President Tito Pombra

We have a new President on President's Day - how ironic! On this episode of CCO Buzz Podcast we take a moment to welcome and get to know our new President Manoj K. Pombra, or as everyone knows him as Tito Pombra.



CCO Buzz: We’re excited to announce on Episode 38 of the Core Compliance’s CCO Buzz Podcast our new President Manoj K. Pombra, or as everyone knows him as Tito Pombra. It was a bit ironic, but Core Compliance appointed their new President on President’s Day! So officially, Welcome Tito to Core Compliance and listeners, be ready because he’ll be a regular on the podcast because he’s chalk-full of knowledge and best practices for the industry!

Tito, you have an impressive resume with over 22 years of compliance experience under your belt, tell us more about your professional journey.

Tito Pombra: Hi! Good afternoon, I’m so excited to be part of the Core Compliance. So, I have been in the compliance industry since about 1996. I have gained a lot of compliance experience with very large firms and then very small firms that became very large firms later on.

I started my compliance world and knowledge from attaining it from Franklin Templeton being in their mutual fund compliance group for about ten years. And then from there, I left and became the Chief Compliance Officer for Matthews Asia Funds and Matthews International Capital Management, a boutique shop in San Francisco.

CCO Buzz: That’s impressive, in all your years of work in the industry is there a specific area of compliance that has become a passion or specific focus for you?

Tito Pombra: Yes, so I have dedicated my compliance industry knowledge in mostly investment companies and investment adviser compliance. I have been doing mutual fund compliance since 1996, starting at Franklin and then continuing as Chief Compliance Officer at Matthews Asia Funds and Matthews [International Capital Management] in 2005, until 2018.

The other area of compliance that I am really passionate about is International Compliance. I have gained a significant knowledge at both organizations on international compliance over the years. You know, the compliance program has become global – many companies have global asset management offerings for their clients. And you know, I have the experience of gaining compliance knowledge from UK (United Kingdom), to Hong Kong, to Singapore, to Luxembourg – and I continued to do that until coming to Core and I plan to offer those kinds of solutions to our clients.

The other thing that I am really really focused and passionate about in compliance is education and training. I’ve been an industry thought leader for many years, speaking at many industry conferences on compliance matter[s]. I feel that educating and training compliance to different firms and different employees of the firm is absolutely critical for a strong compliance program.

CCO Buzz: Okay, understanding that the Core Compliance team is filled with industry thought leaders themselves, how do you anticipate working with this team and the future of the brand?

Tito Pombra: You know, like I said, I’ve very excited to be part of Core Compliance. I’ve actually known Core Compliance the firm for many years through industry interaction – being a speaker on many panels with Michelle Jacko, the founder of Core Compliance.

I think Core Compliance brings superb industry knowledge and solutions to many investment advisers and broker-dealers for compliance. I continue to be part of that very strong team and provide best practices and strong solutions to maintain a proactive compliance program for the firms of the future.

My mission is that, I’ve been very successful conducting a strong compliance culture and program internally – now, I want to share that with many firms that I plan to be working with in the future with Core Compliance.

CCO Buzz: Awesome, and lastly if there is anything you could leave our listeners with as a piece of advice as we enter the last month of Q1, what is it?

Tito Pombra: Well, I think most people will be doing Form ADV Updates and I think one of the most important things is that when you do file your Form ADV Update – please, review some of those updates that you do and review those ADVs with other employees of your firm.

The critical aspect of doing a Form ADV update annually, and SEC expectation, is [reflect the] changes in your business. But its really giving your clients an overview of your business, [the] risks, and other policies and procedures that you have in your firm [in order] to have a great compliance program. It actually should also be shared with ALL employees of your firm, so they understand what the business program, the business overview, and the compliance program is all about.

CCO Buzz: Awesome! Well thank you so much, Tito for your time. And welcome again to the team. If you’d like to reach out to Mr. Pombra or have any questions regarding your Compliance program feel free to reach out to us at (619) 278-0020 or at info@corecls.com. Thanks!

Well that’s it for this week’s episode. If you’d like additional information, please check out our website at www.corecls.com. You can also follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter @CoreCLS. Thank you and we hope you tune into next week’s episode of the CCO Buzz.