EB-5 Compliant Business Plan & Investment Compliance

The EB-5 industry is growing very rapidly and with that comes increased regulatory oversight. Core Compliance & Legal Services, Inc.℠ ("Core Compliance") can help with:

  • Broker-Dealer Formation

    Firms that are interested in starting a broker-dealer for the purpose of participating in EB-5 securities transactions will need assistance going through the extensive process of becoming registered with the SEC and attaining membership with FINRA.

  • Create Written Supervisory Procedures

    New EB-5 broker-dealers need to create a Written Supervisory Procedures Manual that details how the firm will comply with FINRA rules and securities regulations. Existing broker-dealers who wish to enter this space must amend their current procedures to comply with regulations and internal controls governing EB-5 securities transactions.

  • Compliance Consulting

    Not all regulatory questions are easily answered, especially with a program like EB-5. The team is standing by to provide guidance on securities regulations and their applicability to the EB-5 program.


  • FINRA Examination Support

    We have the knowledge to guide EB-5 broker-dealers through their initial and ongoing regulatory examinations, providing insight, mock interviews and preparation guidance based on our experience with the program.