Cybersecurity Compliance Program & Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity is a significant compliance and business risk that affects nearly all firms. Core Compliance has developed a five-point action plan that is practicaleconomical, and effective for your cybersecurity compliance program and risk assessment.

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The Core Compliance Five-Point Action Plan

  1. Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  2. Defense Through Multiple Layers of Encryption and Multifactor Authentication
  3. Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures
  4. User Awareness Training
  5. Cyber Incident Response Plan

Cybersecurity is a complex landscape.

In today’s world, emails are the main avenue of communication, both for personal and business purposes. However, accompanying that is the fact that email hacking has become more commonplace and hackers continue to find sophisticated ways to obtain illegal access.

Is your firm trained in email security best practices? Click here to learn more about what you may be missing.

Don't be caught by ransomware attacks, or find yourself at risk due to the human element of your cybersecurity needs. Start a cybersecurity compliance program today!

When is the last time you performed a vulnerability assessment or penetration test?

Are you confident that your firm would pass a dedicated vulnerability test?

It's worth noting that vulnerability assessments and penetration tests are both in the realm of dedicated information security (IS) professionals. This means they are outside the purview of your average "IT guy", and if you haven't had a professional inspect your electronic system, you may be at serious risk of a breach. Learn more about the risks involved by clicking here.

Let Our Consultants Help You

We recommend beginning with a one-hour consultation to define your needs and discuss possible solutions.  We can customize the action plan for your firm to help you advance your controls.  Contact Core Compliance today to schedule your appointment (619) 278-0020 or email


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