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Before 2020, firms only needed to prepare or update their Form ADV every year - and sometimes, more often than that. But now, firms are required to also file their Customer Relationship Summary, or Form CRS/Form ADV Part 3.

Out of any document you provide to your clients, these are the most important. It discloses the heart of your firm, the services you offer, the conflicts present in your business and other material information they must consider prior to doing business with you. Moreover, the Form ADV serves as one of the foundational documents used by the regulators in their quest for data analytics to assess risks associated with your firm. Given this importance, it is critical for you to spend time and resources to prepare the Form ADV brochure.

Core Compliance℠ assists firms like yours by providing customized compliance consulting to help you prepare your Form ADV & Form CRS.

Core Compliance will guide you through every step of Form ADV & Form CRS compliance consulting, from knowing which data to gather to where to look to find it. We can help with authoring the brochure from start to finish or just reviewing your Form ADV for completeness and accuracy.

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Form ADV Custom Help

The team at Core Compliance creates a targeted questionnaire every year to help clients determine what information has changed and needs to be updated on their Form ADV.

Gathering data per the Form ADV instructions can be difficult, and sometimes your internal team may be unsure of what's asked. A recent update to the information required in the Form ADV has meant that advisers must provide a chart reflecting the percent of Regulatory Assets Under Management ("RAUM") by asset type for separately managed accounts. Your compliance team needs to know how to categorize the assets, document the process for categorizing those assets, and be sure that the process can be repeated year after year.

That's just one part of the annual Form ADV amendment. There's much, much more required.


Core Compliance's consultants can support your efforts by:


  • Guidance on how to gather information required by your firm
  • Drafting, updating, and submitting Form ADV on the IARD system
  • Review of existing Forms ADV and recommending updates
  • Guidance on necessary disclosures for Form ADV Part 2A
  • Assisting with development of documented plans and procedures specific to Form ADV
  • Continued updates of Form ADV each year
  • Form CRS
  • Firms are required to file their Form CRS annually, alongside their other regulatory requirements and filings.


While new Form CRS is limited to only two pages unless your firm is dually registered, then you get 3 pages, the SEC is requiring firms to pack a lot of disclosures into those pages, AND that disclosure must be concise and in plain English.

For more information regarding filing Forms CRS, please visit our Form CRS page here.

If you'd like to learn more about how we can assist you in preparing and filing your Forms ADV and/or CRS, please request time with one of our consultants by entering your information below.


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