Long Beach NSCP Interactive Compliance Lab Features Michelle Jacko

April 18, 2024 | Long Beach, CA | Speaker: Michelle L. Jacko, CSCP, CEO

Michelle L. Jacko, CEO, will be at the NSCP Interactive Compliance Lab in Long Beach, CA. Her presentation, “Risk Management Beyond Assessment,” on April 18th, will help attendees identify, analyze and respond to the risk factors that may impact their business.

Session details:

As the regulatory, technological, and business environments continue to evolve, the need to identify, analyze and respond to the risk factors that may impact organizational objectives is ever increasing.  This lab will equip attendees by exploring the 5 principal components of a successful risk management program once the risk assessment matrix has been created.  The following learning objectives will be met, using case studies, examples, group discussions, and other application activities:

·        Review, analyze and codify the identified risks and risk applicable assignments.

·        Integrate and address adequate policies and procedures to cover key risks.

·        Strategically assist with high-low risk potential resolutions and proposed actions based on a top-down approach.

·        Know how to properly take a holistic view of the plan for continual reassessment.

·        Supplement the program with ongoing education relative to the riskiest weak areas.

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