Soft-Skills: How to Develop Successful Project Management for Compliance Initiatives


Imagine a doctor who tells a patient that he’s sick, but doesn’t identify the illness. Or a mechanic who tells a customer her car is going to break down but doesn’t say how or when. How about a travel agent who books a family vacation, but doesn’t indicate when the flight leaves?

When information is not fully communicated to those who need it, it loses its value. A brilliant strategy is useless if it is not understood throughout the organization. Strategic alignment is about adding value – a misalignment means a loss of investment, either financial or in terms of time and capabilities. Your compliance strategy, goals and objectives directly impact every single employee’s daily work and activities, so it has to be understood by every person within the organization. Your compliance program depends on your team for execution, so if you don’t communicate it, you have no chance of achieving it.

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